Informations and communications Security
• Legal Digital Forensic
• Computer forensics and computer security (digital evidence, computer crimes, expert reports, security audits and technological infrastructures, data encryptation, etc.).
• Cloning and analysis of computer and mobile equipment (in front of notary).
• Security plans for written communications .
• Data search on the internet
• Presentation, defense and ratification of the forensic computer forensic examination at courts
• Identification of electronic evidence or digital evidence
• Inspection of the computer used by an employee, in a legal way
• Discovery and disclosure of secrets, industrial espionage
• Tracking of anonymous emails, authors of publications, owners of Web pages
• Threats, injuries, and calumnies in Internet
• Analysis of alleged dissemination of photoSthrough P2P networks
• Personalized security and privacy audit service
• Supervision of computer work activity
• Forensic computer consulting services and digital evidence
• Virus control and computer security system shielding.

Data recovery and official certification, among others:

1. Whattsapps
2. Messages
3. CallS record
4. Music
5. Videos
6. Pictures
7. Documents
8. Agenda
9. Web

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