Family and Individual Researches

Family or Personal

As professionals at Detectives Thomas, we can offer you all of our experience, infrastructure, and any services you require in order to solve your case. Our goal is to solve each case by fulfilling all of the requirements provided to us by our clients.


We provide a strong commitment to all work with our clients, and since 1981 our professional services have been governed by the strictest codes of ethics. For this reason, any customer who entrusts us with their service can rest in total peace of mind that their case will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and rigour.
We take care of personal or family investigations

Thanks to our high qualifications, we are accredited in the investigation of activities that enter the private sphere of those being investigated. Don’t hesitate to contact with us if your concern is related to your family or personal life. Remember that we always work with a commitment to maximum discretion for all customers. Our main role is to provide evidence and testimony to customers in a completely legal and independent manner.

Family and Individual

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As you can see, we have at your disposal a wide range of solutions and options which should satisfy any need you may have regarding the investigation of almost any case.