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Over many years we have been able to amass a great deal of experience which allows us to offer the most complete investigative service in Marbella or in any other location. We have everything needed to manage any type of case in which you would like to find out more information. At Detectives Thomas we carry out our work in a serious and highly professional manner.

Thomas Detectives

Our employment, economic and business services
Within our service, we provide all the advice you may need relating to economic, employment or business concerns. Given that company fraud can have a rapid and damaging series of consequences we can be confident in helping you identify it as early as possible. Our aim is to avoid fraud, automated bots, damages, bribery, malpractice and also guarantee business security within the scope of Private Security Law 5/2014.
  • Patrimonial Investigation
  • Punitive Insolvencies
  • Punitive Insolvency of a Juridical Person
  • Corporate Offences
  • Business location and assets
  • Reputation, Solvency and Guarantee of Payment Reports
  • Valuation of Property Assets
  • Industrial Counterespionage
  • Subrogation
  • Effective Earnings
  • Debtors / Defaulters Position (as long as a person who is defaulting continues to develop different professional activities, with the intention of being held in the responsibility of a contracted debtor)
  • Observations on distribution of merchandises
  • Pre-employment reports
  • Employee Duplicity
  • False Sick and Work Leave
  • Previous Professions and Ethics
  • Employment Absence
  • Mystery Shopper (Mysterious customer): Technique used by companies to evaluate and measure the quality of the service perceived by the customer.
  • Effectiveness of Customer Service
  • Attitudes and Aptitudes of Employees with Respect to Sales
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Falsity of Disability
  • Obtaining Proof of Judicial Demands
  • Witness Location
  • Unauthorised practice, Misappropriation of Functions
  • Sinister Provocations
  • Surveillance for hotels, festivals, exhibitions, etc.
  • Investigations of private offences pursued only at the request of the party, due to their legitimacy in criminal proceedings
  • Location of missing persons
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Bug and camera detection service
  • In Tribunals
  • Ratifications
  • Due diligence
  • Duplicity of Address
  • Inconsistent Subleasing
  • Sales or Transfers
  • Dedication to Other Ends

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