Normativa Legal

In Spain, the Detectives Agencies are regulated by the Law 23/1992, 30th July. R.D. 23/1994.

Artícle 19.

1. Private detectives, at the request of natural or legal persons, shall be responsible for:

  • a. To obtain and provide information and evidence on conduct or private events.
  • b. The investigation of crimes that can only be prosecuted at the request of those legitimated in criminal proceedings.
  • c. Of the surveillance in fairs, hotels, exhibitions or the like.2. Except as provided in paragraph c) above, they may not provide services of security companies or perform functions attributed to the personnel referred to in the previous sections of this Chapter.3. Nor shall they be able to carry out investigations on offenses punishable ex officio, and shall immediately report to the competent authority any fact of this nature that will come to their knowledge and making available to them all information and instruments that they may have obtained.4. In no case may they use material or technical means for their investigations that violate the right to honor, personal or family privacy, or the image or secrecy of communications.We carry out all the services according to the current legislation complying with Law 5/2014 of Private Security published in the B.O.E. Dated April 4, 2014 and its regulations in the development phase.
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